Comodo Virtual Browser Running

One of the things I’d love to see Comodo have is a virtual browsing capability, for example, Zonealarm has the ability to run files in a virtual zone and run it, and tell you if it is a virus or not, I honestly thing this would up the stake for Comodo and be a Kickass Add on. Just an idea. If you all decided to make this possible, please make the virtual browsers be ones people actually use like Google Chrome and Firefox, let’s face it IE is ■■■■!

What do you all think? good idea? I Think So!

Doesn’t Comodo Dragon have virtualization?

Also, Comodo’s sandbox automatically sandboxes any file that runs on the computer. Of course right now it’s not full virtualization, but in the future…

Do you want them to develop a new product or improve on one of these?

im not sure that comodo dragon have that, look what happen to it when i did 2 installes, on on the pc and one on a virtual, i posted it, and i dont know exactly why it happen. And in the comodo settings for the CIS it says it does registry virtulualization but ive never seen it do so.;msg419390#msg419390

What I’d like to see is faster start up of browsers and programs running in Comodo’s sandbox.

I have to wait a few minutes for my browser to actually open…

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CIS only virutalises when running a file manually sandboxed. Not when it is automatically sandboxed.

Comodo Dragon, Chromium based, does virtualise its tabs.