Comodo VerificationEngine & Armenia

Hi folks,

I have started using Comodo VerificationEngine … and I also have a New Toy called “NetStat Agent 2.1.3” that tells me who all is connecting or trying to connect to my PC …

Q1: Why is it telling me that “Comodo VE” is connecting to “Armenia”?

Q2: Is Comodo operating their entire operation out of Armenia?

Just curious!?!?



Hi there :slight_smile:

To answer your second question first, Comodo are present in a number of countries around the world and our services are available just about everywhere on the planet! However, we don’t host any of our customer services in Armenia.

There are many tools which allow you to look at where in the world a computer is located. These tools rely on databases which list a location for each IP address (or “block” of them). These databases can never be completely accurate, because the internet changes constantly. In this particular case, there is a good chance that the IP address in question isn’t listed and it’s simply defaulted to Armenia because it’s at the top of their list of countries!