Comodo ver 6 is a step backward

The new version 6 is unsatisfactory for these reasons:
(1) The 127 MB installer installed stuff I do not want and I did NOT have a choice. THIS IS UNETHICAL.
(2) I uninstalled this version. Was able to acquire the 49MB firewall only installer ONLY after conversing with a Comodo tech via a chat session. Why isn’t this firewall only version CLEARLY available from the web site?
(3) The old version displayed a nice icon on the right side of the task bar. The new version has (in my opinion) a stupid widget that takes up valuable screen space.
(4) The old version has functionality for the user to shut Internet traffic. The new version lacks this function.
(5) The old version interface allowed more transparency to the firewall rules.

Comments anyone?

Hi GoshenFirewall,
(1) With the full 127MB installer everything is still optional through customize settings during install.
(2) Unknown why, sorry.
(3)You can right click the icon or widget to disable the widget.
(4&5) The interface is having some alterations taking place for the future.

I think with point 1, it’s been the case for a long time that even with the firewall only installer, which is the same size as the premium installer, with the exception of the AV and in v6 KillSwitch, everything else is installed, whether it’s wanted or not. Granted, components may be disabled or not offered as choices during installation, but this is the price paid for integrated security suites. Unfortunately, in version 6, there are even more components installed, that simply cannot be removed if unwanted.

I completely agree that V6 interface is a big step backward. Also, the junks with free firewall version is annoying.
Comdo seems to following the same path (bloatware) that brought downfalls to big names like norton, McAfee etc .
The very reason someone would comodo is the simplicity of interface and when that is gone, people will gradually look away. In this world, once gone, gone forever.

I suspect the flashy interface was perhaps a move with windows 8 type OS in mind but the usuability is lost when features are hidden behind layers of screens. I am totally disappointed after installing v6.
A big fan of simplicity and thats why like comodo, avast, opera browser etc.

For point 1, they should remove dragon & geek buddy from the installers. They are not required & bloatware increasing the size of the installers from app. 60MB to 127MB i.e double the size.

I would agree with removing Dragon from the installer but the Geek Buddy option is not likely to go away since that really is the only selling point for the paid version. There also may be a few UI issues for the people who want to take more control into their own hands. All in all though I would say, as I have before, that v6 is a huge step forward for CIS not backwards

I think geek buddy should also be removed from the installers.

If anyone wants geekbuddy, it can be installed through the question mark shown on the top of CIS GUI, get live support i.e geekbuddy. Or they can have geekbuddy option in general tasks or other to install geekbuddy.

I also dont like the popup or geekbuddy popup when first time malware is detected. It should also be removed or there should be an option to disable it in general settings - user interface.

When you set CIS on system for average users you have to run a harmless sample to disable it so that average users will not be confused with the popup that malware couldn’t be removed & they will unnecessary install geekbuddy.

Yes that popup is annoying. I certainly agree with that.

Yes, it is rather peculiar that Comodo won’t allow people to use the firewall alone. I recently made a v5.12 installation on a fresh Windows installation. I unticked and disselected everything except the firewall. Despite this, I am now encumbered with a light version of D+, which bother me with the usual false positives and the annoying handle bugs. Frustrating because the CFW 5.12 actually works super on a Win XP system.
I also find it very amazing that Comodo releases a new version without fixing the critical bypass problems that Win 7 users suffer from.

What critical bypass problems would this be?

I don’t know if I’d really consider this to be critical. An untrusted application wouldn’t be able to do this.

Any application can bypass CFW if the traffic is routed thru a virtual proxy. The Avast web shield is a well known example.

If you are aware of an untrusted application that is able to do this, I’m sure Comodo would love to hear about it.

The reason the installer is so large is that it supports either x86 or x64.
and x64 alone installer is around 44.4 megabytes…

This is only true for programs which are trusted. If an unknown program tries to create a virtual proxy it will not be allowed by CIS and there will be no bypass.

As HeffeD said, if you have an example of an unknown program which can do that please let Comodo know immediately as this would be an issue which needs to be fixed immediately.


It will depend on the settings used in CIS too. Using firewall security, with default settings, it’s more likely you’ll get a firewall alert like the one below. I guess one could say it’s not being allowed, but it’s a bit vague.

[attachment deleted by admin]

i cant find the whish list so i abuse the topic here because i also think comodo firewall is a step backward

the firewall rules “editor” got a bit unhandy, i would like to drag and drop firewall rules up an down instead of using this new ugly “up” “down” buttons

i would like to sort my network rules as i like them, as in the old comofo firewall 5.X and before
in firewall 6 (2013) drag and drop of firewall rules is not working any more

since years there are topics in this forum from people who whish a better rule editor, and now it got woerse
and there is still no way to import block or white -lists

and yes the new design looks ugly as hell and is not userfriendly >:(

since years i am using comodo firewall but after updating to comodo firewall 6 ind 2013 i am open to new suggestions :-\

What a clusterf*ck this new version is. I find it comedic that Comodo thinks that someone with the desire and chops to be installing and configuring a firewall also needs:

  • something called Geek Buddy allowing an unknown 3rd party complete access to my PC
  • a kindergarten-style user interface with core functionality in hidden flyout toolbars
  • basic firewall functions buried five levels deep and automatically set to Allow
  • prominent placement of such features as “Go Mobile” and “Refer your friends”
  • unwanted software packages forcefully bundled in
  • a fixed desktop widget with big, colorful buttons
  • re-creation of the wheels of Task Manager, etc. with Comodo alternatives
  • default automatic background transferring of private PC information to Comodo cloud servers upon installation
  • an update that entirely clobbers the prior version’s painstakingly crafted firewall configuration

Yep, that’s all the stuff I want in my firewall.

- prominent placement of such features as "Go Mobile" and "Refer your friends"
Are you referring to the Connect pane in the widget? - unwanted software packages forcefully bundled in [/quote] It can be disabled in the [url=–-installation.html]customisation[/url] settings of CIS
- a fixed desktop widget with big, colorful buttons
It can be disabled.
- re-creation of the wheels of Task Manager, etc. with Comodo alternatives
It's an optional download.
- default automatic background transferring of private PC information to Comodo cloud servers upon installation
Do you have proof of this?
- an update that entirely clobbers the prior version's painstakingly crafted firewall configuration

Yep, that’s all the stuff I want in my firewall.