Comodo Vegas meetup 2012

Attention all COMODO Forum users! We appreciate your presence here, and would love to meet some of you this summer. Now we know that many of you attend Black Hat, DEFCON and Bsides in Las Vegas and here is our idea.

Come meet with us, and let us know what you think. We will be there and address the issues, tell you about exciting stuff that is happening with us, and with the world of security in general, and there will be some surprises.

We think of you as being a great asset to our business, and we think of the dialogue that has developed between you and us to be unique in all the world.

Let us know if you are interested in attending such a thing, and it will help us make our plans. It is possible that this will happen, and possible that it will not happen. That is up to you. So don’t book a hotel and flight on our account but if you are already coming to Vegas, let us know.

RSVP right here, to this forum, and if your email represents multiple people please let us know that as well

_____ I plan to attend, put me on the guest list ____ I will be brining this many people

_____ I cannot attend, thanks anyway.

We need to know if we are meeting ten people, a hundred or a thousand. Let us know as soon as you can, and we will proceed from there

David Perry
Global Director of Education
COMODO, inc.

i wish i could go but im not going to vegas any time soon. will any of it be recorded for those of us that cant be there?

Great suggestion! Possibly webcast live…

I would go :slight_smile:

just let us know where and when we can watch it

Maybe comodo should fly out some of the moderators to NJ for a meet and greet with the staff and Melih. I know Kaspersky did that a while ago.

I don’t know if this is the best place for this announcement… Let me try cross posting it on Facebook, along with a pitch about this forum.

Looooooooong flight from here. LOL :smiley:

We could share the same flight. ;D

Take some snaps for us, if it does happen. :smiley:

Sorry guys…looks like not enough interest. But the idea of doing it virtually has a lot of merit. I am going to bring that up with the talented folks at Comodo TV, and with Melih of course.

David Perry
Global Director of Education
Comodo Group