Comodo Valkyrie and Site Inspector

I had a thought about future versions of CIS.
I know Valkyrie developers will integrate it in FLS or launch it with the new Comodo cloud antivirus but anyway …

I think it would be interesting to have 2 buttons in CIS6.x : -Site inspector
-File verdict service

Site inspector: Here you can submit url and then SiteInspector will analyze it for you.
If it’s good : great
If it’s bad : Comodo DNS blocks the submitted site and all CIS users will benefit.

File verdict service: Here you can submit a file to see if it is suspicious or not.
If it’s normal : Nothing change (I mean if the file was “unknown” its rate won’t change until an analyst add it into whitelist or blacklist depending the file.
If it’s bad : Then the submitted file is automaticlly send to Virus Lab for further analysis.

That’s ok, but siteinspector already feeds DNS blacklists.
But it works a little bit different.

Website detected by SI are passed to human analysis and then added to blacklists.

I like the idea ;).


+1 :-TU

+1 :-TU

Like the idea


Also wanna add something when you run a rating scan any unknown file listed you have this action : - Submit for file verdict service.