COMODO v7 internet security premium free version necessary changes required

the must needed features & improvements that are very much needed & essential in comodo v7 internet security premium free version are :

  1. an web & url filtering & antiphising component fully compatible with latest versions of google chrome & firefox & IE based browsers & that should be regularly updatable to block each & every types of malicious & dangerous & phising & scam & exploit based websites .

  2. a file & folder lock component for data encryption which is very very essential in a security suite for privacy protection nowadays.

  3. an improved antivirus & antimalware engine with the direct option available to delete threats & malwares completely on their detection which is currently not available in comodo products .

  4. comodo firewall should detect each & every programs that are trying or are making any types of inbound or outbound connections & should have a module or settings in the advanced settings panel from where they can be accessed to select which programs should be allowed only outbound & which ones should be allowed only inbound connections.

  5. last but not the least if possible an antispam component can be added though it’s not that essential & important in compared to the above mentioned four components or changes required

Firstly I’d like to remind you that it’s only supposed to be one wish per topic, so wish 1 should be in one topic and wish 2 in another topic, you get the idea. :wink:

Regarding 1) From the language files it appears as if Comodo is adding a web filter for CIS 7, however I wouldn’t expect it to block each and every of those sites because in my opinion that isn’t really realistic and I know no other product that does, big props to Comodo if they can pull it off though but I wouldn’t expect it to live up to those expectations.

Regarding 2) I don’t see it as an essential feature but it would nevertheless be a good addition in my opinion, I support this wish and would also like to be able to choose different encryption algorithms.

Regarding 3) You should be able to delete threats immediately after CIS detects them? Or am I misunderstanding? ???

Regarding 4) If you have the firewall set to Custom Mode it will give you an alert for all applications, you can also set the alert frequency to make it alert about incoming and outgoing and different ports etc, through the Firewall Application Rules you can set your own rules for applications, for example you can set a program to only allow outbound connections etc.

Regarding 5) No real opinion, I would personally not use it.

Regarding 3) I don’t get that, need further explanations. Misunderstood probably.

to dear spywar , iam talking about the improvement required in the antivirus & antimalware & antirootkit engine of comodo in the upcoming v7 version specially in terms of complete & proper removal of any types of threats & malwares & rootkits & any of their remainants from the system & registry & important sectors of the computer hard disk & system itself

to dear Sanya we want to see comodo v7 internet security premium free version will have an web & url filtering & antiphising component as powerful & as good as kaspersky internet security & vipre internet security because kaspersky & specially vipre have very very powerful web & url filtering & antiphising component & technology but our comodo is a much popular security software to all of us so we would like to see comodo makes the best web & url filtering & antiphising component as good as the mighty vipre or kaspersky or even more better

Got it now, thank you. That now make sense to me.