COMODO V5 & V6 & V7 Users Count Poll

I welcome all.
It would be desirable to update poll and to listen to opinions.

Thanks for the poll jenny66,
I am using V7, because I can see improvements in both functionality and performance over the previous versions.

Kind regards.

Using the CIS7 because I want to test and use all new staff :-TU
It is light and effective.

I’m on 7 as well. It seems faster than 6 and I’m sure is stronger. I’m not sure I need the web filtering and may turn that part off. I don’t think we’ll see many saying they have stayed with 6. If you were already using 6, there is no reason at all not to go to 7.

I am on CIS 7 now. Works really well. :slight_smile:


Right now, on V7.

Just like Captainsticks, I am using V7, because I can see improvements in both functionality and performance over the previous versions.

v 7 now. all good

V7. It’s working absolutely fine here.

I’m on v7.0 only because it has the disable timers and the ability to import the AV database. I don’t really like the UI and I don’t use most of the features. I only use FW, AV, HIPS and Auto SB. I don’t use the Virtual Desktop, web filter, widget, or run any app in the SB.

Why not use the Virtual Desktop? It is a great security feature.

V 7.

Runs really smooth here and seems to do it’s job very well as far as I can tell…

fingers crossed, knock on wood

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

Im on v7 here and the cis 7 is good but Im thinking about going back to v5.12.

With v6 and v7 I can see some lags on the cis ui. I really dont like something lagging my computer and on v5 I never had any lag or problems.

In fact, now I cant see any point on keeping v7 here. I have the same protection (i take precautions) and in the new one I have some minor lags on openning the main window, openning a scan, openning the updates dialog, etc. Any dialog on v7 has some minor lags.

They are minor but they are there and that makes me unhappy.

Im not decided yet but I guess Ill rollback to v5 next week. Then Ill post some feedback on the forum.

cis 7 is good i am using it.

Tried using v7, but it had an annoyance that made me go back to v5.

When I am doing testing on some apps, I disable the AV, D+, and SB, as some of the stuff I do gets false-positives for malware on occasion.

Never had a problem with v5 doing this, but v7 would simply continue to detect “malware” and quarantine my file, despite having all the core features disabled. Went through the settings, but nothing jumped out at me. Since I had work to do, I just got rid of v7, and re-installed v5 later.

If its set to ‘disabled’, it should sit there quietly doing nothing, as instructed.

I got a new laptop last year and installed version 6.x on June 10, 2013 according to Programs and Features. Eventually I got a message through Comodo Internet Security saying a newer version was available, and once I installed that update I got version 7.x. For some reason though, Programs and Features is detecting version 6.1.14723.2813 even though Secunia PSI said I was using version 7.x (I don’t remember the exact version number). So the main reason I’m using version 7.x is because of that message I received. However, version 7.x also seems better to me and I like its GUI (graphical user interface) better than the one used in version 6.x.

Hi Jesant13,
The Programs & Features showing the incorrect version number after an update is a known issue, however it is low on the priority list of fixes.

The most accurate check for your current version is the ‘About’ screen, shown under the question mark in the title bar controls.
Title bar controls-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Thanks for letting me know. I actually saw the question mark button but wasn’t sure if clicking it would simply take me to a help page on the Comodo website or not. I clicked the button and learned what version I’m using. It is 7.0.317799.4142.