Comodo v4.1.******.920 "Installation Mode" is missing.

G’day all,

I finally got myself up and running just the Comodo Firewall v4.1..920 with FW/D+/Sandboxie using Proactive Security mode from my old Comodo Firewall v3.14..587, first thing I’ve notice something is missing in this latest version at the main screen in the Proactive Defense section the “Installation Mode” is missing from the old version.

How do I handle or control this problem when I’m going to install a new software on my current PC and how do the same thing when I’m going to uninstalled ??? :-, cause I’m completely 100% lost how I operate the old v3.14.******.578 using the FW/D+ :-\ :cry:

Why has comodo change are you giving up the “Installation Mode” option ???


It seems that since version 4 “Instalation Mode” was removed. When you install a file, on the first pop up you can choose “Treats as a installer” and this is similar to previous “Instalation Mode”


Ooooooh okay thanks for that Ovidiu G. Comodo was about to give me a heart attack and this won’t cause any major problem when sandboxie is running correct ???.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return of Installation Mode, at least until the big cloud based white list is fully operational.

I knew you could do this already but sometimes installation mode was useful when installing windows updates it does not recognise, and does not give you the pop up for installation mode either, making windows fail to install the update. Which can be a bit of a security problem if widows isn’t patch properly.

Is there a work around for this?

You should not need a work around.

If you have a alert choose Installer/Updater, Installation mode then runs automatically.

If you are in Safe mode / Defense+ you should not have any alerts for Windows updates.