I have the new version of comodo v3 which updated fromversion 2.4 I believe, I am finding version 3 very buggy, the shortcut icon does not work, I think comodo is having somesort of issue with Avira antivir as it seems slow to start up but if I disable antivir, comodo starts up fine.

my question is can I go back to the older version which I never had a problem with?

please can someone help me, I really like comodo 2.4 and think v3 could be great once the bugs are sorted out but at the moment I would rather use 2.4

You can’t update from v2 to v3; they are incompatible. If you want to go back to 2.4, uninstall v3 in safe mode, then install 2.4 again. You are running XP?

yes I am running xp, I have just noticed however that there was a newer version of v3 released on December 11. The update box never worked.

Should I try the newer version to see if this is better or just uninstall and go back to 2.4?

Yes, go to and download v3.0.14.276 and install according to the procedure there. For safest results, do an uninstall and reinstall instead of using the patch. The .276 version fixed a lot of annoying bugs that were discovered with the wider initial release of CFP3. The update box wasn’t one of the fixes, so ignore it. :wink:

thanks very much, I was considering going to another firewall for a second, but havent seen any I think are any good pheeeew :slight_smile:

I deleted the v3 I had and installed the new version 3, desktop icon work, it seems faster in learning mode too, still need to check it all out but looks good so far. :slight_smile: