Comodo v3 won't let SpySweeper Antivirus scan email attachments [RESOLVED]

Can anyone tell me how to get Comodo Firewall v3 to allow my Spy Sweeper Antivirus Email Attachment Scan to do it’s job. Comodo keeps blocking it even though I have put SpySweeper.exe and SpySweeperUI.exe on the trusted list. I’m sure there is something else I need to do but I don’t know what that is. I hope someone can help me with this problem because I really think that checking email attachments for virus is important.
Thank you

I know there was a thread awhile back if you search for it. Honestly speaking I wouldn’t use Spy Sweeper. Your better off with a good av. Spy Sweeper uses alot of resources.

Have you checked the Comodo logs? There is a firewall log (Firewall → Common, View Firewall Events) and a Defense+ log (Defense+ → Common, View Events). If there is alog entry, it should point to the cause. If there isn’t a log entry somewhere, then it’ll take a little more digging.

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the suggestions but none of them worked so I went to the Webroot site where they have different things to try but with a only a few firewall programs. So I decided to try some of them to see if maybe the would work with Comodo. The first thing I tried that I thought might work was to change the email port settings and guess what, IT WORKED!

To do this just open SpySweeper
Click on the “Shields” button.
Click E-mail Attachments. Make sure the Email Attachments box is checked.
Click on the Email Attachment Shield Options bar.
Under “Email Port Settings” change the “POP3 Port” (incoming mail) from 110 to 10110 and
change the “SMTP Port” (outgoing mail) from 25 to 10025

I was really surprised that it worked because it seems like such a simple fix and no one else had tried it. If anyone can see a reason why this is really wrong, although it seems to be working just fine, please let me know so that I can change it back if necessary. I hope this helps all the rest of you who had this same problem.


So it wasn’t a Comodo problem it was a Webroot problem. Glad its fixed.

I will close this one.

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