Comodo V3 is a heap.

I’ve had to downgrade to because I can’t get BF2 to run with it installed. If I install V3 and then shut down comodo for a quick gaming session punkbuster still kicks me. If I then uninstall V3 I can play BF2.

I’ve downgraded to V2 Will this be ok safety-wise?

Punkbuster is the heap I’m afraid, postings like this don’t help anyone. We have many members in our CoD4 clan with punkbuster problems with various firewalls. You need to set the PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB programs as trusted to get around most problems. Many of us have now switched over to Comodo and nobody has any problems with Punkbuster, check your config and I suggest editing the title of your posting then you may get a little more help around here.

This is very easy to fix. I am a hardcore gamer and I get all my games to run. Simply put Comodo in training mode for both firewall and D+.

I’m not being out of order here. I’m switching off C3, completely shutting it down, and its still blocking punkbuster. When I uninstall C3 puckbuster works, that isn’t right. Its also constantly telling me to update. I’ve had enough of it. Sorry if the post was rather curt, but I was just about to go on BF2 and it was messing me around.

Comodo’s the best, but V3 is a bit iffy. Thats just my opinion, don’t slate me.

Hey Vettetech thanks for that tip I’ll remember it.


No probs, sorry I’ve also had it with PunkBuster, it caused me no end of problems with Kaspersky, under Comodo v3 on Vista it’s been fine.

You could also grab Pbsetup from the above link, run this and it will manually update all your punkbuster files to the latest versions.

There’s also a link in the first big paragraph on the above page where you can download the PBservice tool, run this and it runs some diagnostics on all your Punkbuster files/services - a lot of people had problems where PnkBstrB was not actually running properly and this can help fix it.

Hope this helps.