Comodo v3 firewall-only installation

I am looking for a fairly simple but effective firewall that can be used by someone who does not want to deal with a lot of customized configuration settings. I started with a full installation of v3 with D+, but was overwhelmed by the pop-ups. I then uninstalled v3 and tried reinstalling in firewall-only mode without D+, but with the leak-proof option checked. D+ was still on the control panel with all settings links active. Any suggestions on how to install without D+ but still retain the leak-proof capability?

With the leak protection you still have D+ active but no alerts I believe. Honestly speaking give D+ a week and it calms down. Your really better off leaving it on. If you can balloon tips on the bottom of your taskbar those can be disabled. Other alert if its a bog box on your bottom right are normal but after one time seeing them and clicking the appropriate rule you will be all set. You can also leave D+ in training mode for a week then move the slider to train with safe mode. If you dont want D+ then mode the slider to disable. I have D+ active on both my pc’s. I now only get alerts when I install something new.

No, not sure.

D+ calms down after a few days once you open and run your programs. Just try to answer any alerts correctly, allow or deny (to set a custop policy) and mark them as trusted, WOS (for a predefined policy). I suggest you limit checking “remember this answer” if you block programs, otherwise it seems you may run into problems later. Personally, with this version I haven’t had any problems I know of and as I said pop ups are few after a couple days or until you use all your programs.

If installing new programs using clean PC mode, make sure to switch to installation mode, otherwise pop ups may be constant until the program has installed.

Added: I add one other example. After installing CFP , I went to print several docs and pics and each time I’d get an alert until I set my printer as trusted and remembered the answer.

Added: Sniped by vettetech (:TNG)

My last installation was firewall-only with leak protection. D+ seems fully active, which is what confuses me compared to the initial full installation. I do not see a difference. I am still getting box alerts, maybe less of them, and baloon (?) alerts stating that Comodo is learning. I have set both firewall and D+ to “Train with safe mode”. In firewall, I have set alert frequency to very low.

I started this thread looking for the difference between firewall with D+ and firewall with leak protection. I am still not clear and the user guide does not explain well. I intended a separate thread on the box alerts, but since you have gone iinto that, maybe you can help.

This is a major problem for me and part of the reason I am interested in firewall with leak protection, thinking that will reduce the number of alerts. PROBLEMl: When a series of alerts begins to pop up, the first one or two are fully visable. I think I understand the various response alternatives. After the first two, however, the box alerts are only partially visable. They can get to the point where only the buttons are visable and I have no idea what I am responding to. I can only wait until the alert goes away. Without a solution to this problem, I must seriously consider another firewall.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help. Please see my response to Vettetech in case you have further suggestions.

Right click on the tray icon and disable the balloon tips.

  1. I have the same question. I tried every option in three installs (Firewall, Firewall + leak, Firewall with Defense+), and didn´t see any difference. Defense+ was active everytime in “Train with safe mode”. Sorry, but I don´t get it?

  2. Then there is the “host intrusion prevention system” both in Comodo Firewall and in Comodo Antivirus, but the settings look very different. Whats the difference? Do I need both on?

  3. edit. One further question, if there really is a concrete difference between these installoptions in CFP, does it mean I would have to reinstall (from Firewall only) to get all funcionality of Firewall with Defense+? Or could I just fix this from within the settings?

Running XP Pro serv.p.2

From Help File, search “leak”, choose “installation”. Good stuff, but I´m still confused by my own experience from the install = no difference?

[i]Firewall with Defense+ (Recommended) - This is the most complete option and offers the greatest level of security. Choosing this will install Comodo Firewall Pro’s Host Intrusion Prevention System - “Defense+” - in addition to the packet filtering firewall. Defense+ can stop malware, viruses, trojans and worms before they ever get a chance to install themselves by blocking their ability to make changes to your operating system, applications, registry, running processes and important system files. This extra layer of protection represents an significant increase in security and is recommended for the vast majority of users.

Firewall (‘Leak Protection’ option NOT checked)- This option is only recommended for experienced firewall users that have alternative Host Intrusion Prevention software installed on their systems. Choosing this option will install ONLY the packeting filtering network and will not offer leak protection - essential for blocking malicious software (like worms and trojans) from making outgoing connection attempts. This isn’t to say this option is an unwise choice (the network firewall is one of the strongest available - offering highly effective and configurable inbound and outbound protection) but it is important to realise that, on it’s own, it does not offer the leak protection afforded by Defense+.

If you do not wish to install the full Defense+ option but still want leak protection then we advise you choose:

Firewall (with ‘Leak Protection’ option checked) - This option installs the packet filtering firewall as above and some, but not all, Defense+ functionality to provide effective leak protection against malware. Simplistically speaking, this option will monitor the activities of suspicious executables and will alert the user when an internet connection leak could occur. Certain monitoring and file/folder protection is, however, disabled under this configuration. This option will create a protection level that is similar to, but slightly more secure than, the protection offered by Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4. [/i]