Comodo v3 fails to complete startup on boot up

I have just installed v3 on an XP machine. However, whenever I reboot the computer, cfp appears to hang in starting up. No tray icon appears, the memory usage is over 13MB(as opposed to under 3 when it starts correctly), and I do not receive any notifications. If I logoff and then login without rebooting, the firewall comes up as it should. In looking for solutions, there were recommendations to not start UPnP, but I had already disabled it before I loaded Comodo firewall. If I cannot get this resolved, I may have to switch to another firewall.

Look in the main screen under system status, If there is an error let Comodo try to fix it. When that doesn’t help uninstall Comodo with this tutorial and reinstall: .

I went through the complete process of uninstalling Comodo and reinstalling. The first reboot worked alright, but after I specified my safe folders and my home network, and then rebooted, it is still doing the same thing. When I go to task manager, I see cfp.exe running, but it is now about 8MB. When I double click on the icon, cfp.exe loads a second time and the tray icon appears. I cannot kill the first incomplete startup of cfp. Any other suggestions?

I receive no error messages either within Comodo or from the system. However, the firewall fails the GRC LeakTest.

Regarding the GRC LeakTest, All “Hardware” Firewalls should pass it. EG, I am behind an OLD Netgear Router with built in Firewall, Even without a Software Firewall, I can still pass those port tests.

Are you behind a Hardware Firewall at any chance? By the way… Can you provide us with some Security programs you have running?


It turned out that the firewall was in Clean PC mode, so it took LeakTest as an authorized program. When I changed the name, it was blocked as expected.

It seems the re-install has worked, finally. Comodo is coming up properly now on a reboot. Thanks for your help.