Comodo v3 buggy

I have multiple problems with Comodo…

  1. When trying to submit unknown pending files I get — some files could not be sent because the network connection was terminated.

  2. Just got the latest update for comodo and now most all of the pending files says error when looking them up.

  3. Have tried to submit the pending files for weeks and never get them ok’d by comodo to move to safe file list.

  4. just clicked on the Traffic link for my current connection and the whole program locked up and not responding.

What should I do to fix these problems ?

Try again in a few days.
It sounds as though the Comodo servers might be busy.
This usually occurs when a new release of the firewall comes out.


Use D+ in safe mode then you don’t need to deal with pending file. Just purge and remove them. (R)