COMODO v3 & Avast 4.8 on Vista

I recently changed my AV & firewall from avg free 7.5 & zone alarm to avast 4.8 home edition & CFP v3 respectively. After doing so I encountered a slow start up on my vista home premium.

Looking at the log, I found out that avast is taking 39 sec to load, considerably slowing down window’s start up. I went to post this issue on avast’s forum. Though many offered and gave their solutions about the problem, none really worked for me. I still encounter a slow start up. I never had this problem with my previous avg and firewall.

The last thing I post at the avast forum is this:
“I guess the only thing I can do is wait for the next (avast) version and hope the guys from alwil will do something about it.”

Somebody replied with this:
“Please, don’t forget to warn Comodo team also… last two times I had problems, the issue was in Comodo, accepting or not, due to code injection to dll memory space of other applications (like avast dlls).”

My questions are:

  1. Is there any conflict between Avast 4.8 home edition & CFP v3 that is related to the slow start up of my vista?
  2. If so, is there any solution for it?

Any solution, opinion, suggestions that will be offered will be highly appreciated. I really like these two apps.

Thanks & more power!

Avast 4.8 and Comodo work great together. Do you have Avast trusted under the firewall and D+? Do you have Avast updater made to be an updater in Comodo D+?

Hi SaintMyk

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There are a lot of parts to Avast that need to be included in your settings. Here are mine. Avast loads in just a few seconds and poses no problems or slowdown with these settings. The first is my Firewall → network security policy → application rules settings and the second is my Defense+ → computer security policy settings.

Hope this helps you


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Thanks guys, but can you show me a step be step procedure on these settings. I just got started with comodo, there are lots of settings and I’m still having trouble modifying them.

Thanks again guys!

For picture #1 go to the firewall tab and click on advanced then click on Network Security Policy and click add on the right. Point Comodo to where you have have Avast installed. For picture #2 go to the D+ tab and click advanced/ Then click Computer Security Policy and then click add. Add all the files you see in the screen shots the click apply.

I did all the things you guys suggested but nothing has changed.

I’m still getting this:

Avast still takes 39 secs to load.

Now I’m losing hope. I appreciate all your help though. Thanks guys!

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Step 1 to troubleshoot - disable Defense+

Are you using the latest version of Avast? There has been alot of changes since 4.8 came out.

Yes, I have the latest version of avast.

@Pedro*, is it even safe to disable D+?

Yes its safe to disable it temporarily. You cannot get infected that easily. If that was the case no one would turn on there pc’s. 39 seconds is not along time at either. Did you try putting D+ in training mode?

To troubleshoot? Yes. Disconnect the modem if you like, but just remember, the internet won’t bite you just like that.
The troubleshooting process would be, in that case, disconnect cable (or close programs like firefox, messenger and so on), disable Defense+, reboot.
What you’re really looking for is a delay while booting. If it doesn’t happen, now you know it’s something to do with Defense+ (it’s rules or how they are applied) and Avast!.

I put D+ in training mode - nothing happened. Disabled D+ completely - still nothing happened.

I know 39 secs is not that long but before I switched to avast & comodo my system just took less than 20 secs to fully load itself after entering my password at the start up. I don’t want to go back using my old AV & firewall because they lack the functionality found in avast & comodo. I just got used to the fast loading of my OS which less than 20 secs. So The almost one minute of start up really bugs me.

I guess there is a trade off somewhere. More functionality = slower start up?

Turn off Defense+ AND reboot. Did you reboot? If you did, also try uninstalling Defense+. The option is in D+ settings somewhere, and you need to also reboot.

Time the booting process and see if there’s a visible difference.

The Avast delayed startup is because Avast does a Rootkit Scan at bootup. This can be disabled by right clicking the Avast Icon. Clicking on “Program Settings” Then clickon “Troubleshooting” and check the box next to “Disable Rootkit Scan at system startup”


Thats what I thought Eric but I know longer use Avast.

the rootkit scan only starts 8 MINUTES after the PC is on. Its been tweaked in betas. the only way it can be changed is by the user.