Comodo v3.10 problem with 16-bit software


I am using the free version of Comodo Firewall, Version 3.8.65951.477 without any problems (WinXP32Pro SP3, Logged in as administrator, Comodo Firewall Level: safe mode, Defense + Security Level: disabled).
After upgrading to the latest version of Comodo Firewall, I couldn’t start any 16-bit software (explorer memory error).

I restored my system and retried the update with the same result. After deinstallation of Comodo Firewall all my 16-bit software runs again (e.g. catfish [database software}).


This problem is a know problem.

I do belive a Fix is comming, but im not sure.

It is advisable to do a clean install from 3.8 to either 3.9 or the latest, 3.10.
The software has changed how it handles various aspects of security and is not compatible with 3.8. Doing an upgrade over a clean install will result in issues.

Thank you for your very fast replies. :slight_smile:
I will try it with a clean install.

There is a fix for this 16-bit issue in the works and should be out this week.

Great! Thank you. :slight_smile: