Comodo v3.10 problem thread

Please read the Firewall Bug forum’s “important topic” before chiming in with what ails you.

I created this thread to discuss issues with Comodo Firewall, and I’ll start right away with an issue that directly affects me and many others - DPC latency accumulation.

  1. Phenom X4 9550 CPU with both overclocking and power-saving options in place

  2. Windows Vista Ultimate x64 Service Pack 2, up to date system

  3. Comodo Firewall is running with the Defense+ component, I do not use antivirus - Windows Firewall is disabled, but Windows Defender was left enabled

  4. The main bug symptom is DPC latency accumulating over time - it is not related to other drivers, it is not related to network drivers. To reproduce it, I have to do nothing but keep my torrent client running overnight, and when I wake up in the morning, high DPC latencies greet me. Prolonged network activity simply makes latency go up and up over longer periods of time - after enough time has passed, the system latencies get so high that video playback may be affected, sound playback stutters badly, and network activity becomes less responsive.

  5. I have tried the following steps to counter the issue: new network drivers didn’t work, clean install of the latest Comodo didn’t help. Disabling the NIC in Device Manager alleviated the issue - however, obviously I’m left with no network connection. Uninstalling Comodo also resolves the issue, because the problem seems to stem from the hidden services or drivers that Comodo adds to Device Manager. Version 3.5 does not exhibit the issue, which is why I’m sticking to it. All I need is a reliable firewall. Versions 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10 are all affected.

  6. Both the firewall and Defense+ are in “Safe Mode” (to avoid a piling list of files that are “waiting for my review”) - their settings were changed. Both components had their popup window duration extended to 600 seconds instead of 120, Defense+ notifications are all disabled except for hard drives or the keyboard, and firewall flood protection tolerance has been increased. Defense+ doesn’t play a role in the DPC issue, and resetting the firewall to the defaults doesn’t change anything, either. It should work, since I use v3.5 with the exact same alterations.

  • The system doesn’t generate blue screens or spontaneous reboots, ever
  • Administrator account - UAC is naturally enabled (of course) - this doesn’t directly relate to this issue

Please find the cause of this, try to find out why v3.8 or newer (including v3.10) firewalls increase system latency over time (when network activity has been present), and why v3.5 does NOT.

Thank you