Comodo V3.0 Hips Compatible with......?

Wondering if Comodo HIPS will be compatible with Kaspersky Proactive protection? as i use Kaspersky antivirus.

If its not compatible could it be as i don’t want to stop using Kaspersky antivirus (:SHY)

with v3… first line defense against malware will be CPF v3… It should not be an AV…


So ur saying there shouldn’t be any conflicts?

well, thats not what I am saying.
what I am saying is: if you have CPF v3 as your first line of defense, then you don’t need KIS. AV becomes a second line of defense.

without testing the products, its difficult to say they will be compatible or not as we KIS dev guys could change things that might cause it to be incompatible with CPF.

The point is: What do you want as first line of defense to protect you?

1)Something that prevents any malware infiltrating your system?
2)Something that tries to detect a malware from its limited signature db which is always behind the virus writers?

Don’t forget! When Virus Authors unleash their beasts, they first check if the AV products catch them or not… when they get the malware to a level where its not detected… then they unleash it!!


Ah ok

Well when 3.0 beta comes out or the final comes out we will see wat user say about it (:WIN)

I don’t use KIS i use KAV & Comodo. KAV has a proactive protection as well its the same :smiley:

Hopefully members here have the same setup as me KAV antivirus and Comodo Firewall :wink:

KAV proactive protection is NOT hips… its a behaviour analyser/blocker! so its not the same I am afraid.


Ah then thats cool (:CLP)

Hips from Comodo = more protection :■■■■

its not just more protection… its a paradigm shift in Computer security! (:NRD)