Comodo v3.0.17.304 and Avira Antivir Conflict

If I try to scan my PC with my Antivirus it crashes during the scan. The last scanned file prior to crash was C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.chm.

My PC is an AMD Athlon 2400+, 1GB of RAM and OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP1 upgraded to SP2 and kept completely up to date.

I never had any problems with Comodo and Avira up to v269 but since then it has been ongoing. I can update Antivir manually but it will not update at the auto time set. I had a weekly scan set for 0600 every sunday and never had a problem before. Since updating to the latest version yesterday evening Comodo has been running very smoothly indeed and I thought my problems were in the past.

Today I completed manually updating my Spyware Blaster, and Superantispyware, AVG Antispyware programs (these two I run manually when needed) then ran a scan with AVG Antispyware which completed without incident only finding 3 tracking cookies. Getting confident again I then started my Antivirus but came back a half hour later to find that my PC had crashed in the interim and rebooted. When I checked the AV it said the last file scanned was the one above.

The Comodo scan during installation also came up clean and as I am pretty sure my PC is clean I am running Comodo set to. Network Defence = Train with Safe Mode and ProActive Defence = Clean PC Mode.

During this last period since the update to 277 I have uninstalled and reinstalled Avira at least three times I have tried AVG Antivirus but had conflict problems with that as well(Email checker). I have posted here before on the problem and tried setting the rules as I was advised but nothing seems to work permanently. I am not a tinkerer and prefer to install and forget without having a lot of custom rules. After the update yesterday apart from changing Proactive Defence from Train to Clean my Comodo installation is by the book. As I have had Antivir on my PC without any conflict problems with Comodo for at least a year I don’t understand why I should have problems with it now.

I would be gratefull if someone could solve this problem for me.

As an update to my post above I was checking my start up list with AutoRuns and noticed that although ticked as ok in startup the cmdAgent entry said “File not found” \Files\Comodo\Firewall\cmdagent.exe

I also noticed that both Avira and UPHClean were listed as “not verified”

Could these facts have anything to do with my problem? UPHClean comes up again and again on my Pending Files list and I continually put it in my safe files. I know it is a safe file as it is from a program I use called "User Profile Hive Clean Up Service and understand why Comodo puts it in Pending as it is probably altered each time either me or my daughter sign in or out of our respective accounts on this PC.

As I also have Avira and have no problem with it I can’t help you with that.

But about UPHClean I can say that that it’s always coming up in My Pending Files and, so far as I know, noone know why. I think Windows do something with that file everytime, maybe (a hidden?) timestamp co’s it never ever change it’s contents. It’s no meaning to put it in My Safe file if that’s the reason.

Surely someone can help here?.

With regard to the Avira scan crashing: have you tried excluding the Comodo files from Avira scanning.

To do this open the GUI and click on Configuration make sure that the expert mode box is checked, then click Scanner then scan then Exceptions, and add C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall.

As for scan schedule not working, are there any entries in D+ logs of the firewall for Avira files?


While doing a search here on the problem I came across a step by step on how to set a trusted application. I followed the instructions given and can see in Network Security Policy under Application Rules a new instance of Avira Antivir has appeared at the top of the list stating treat as Custom + Allow All Requests. Avira has updated automatically today and as the next automatic AV scan is not scheduled until Sunday I set it away manually again and this time it completed the scan without incident. For the moment I will leave it as is until I see how it performs on Sunday.