Comodo v2.4.18.184 +avira=will not initialize [Resolved]

Just got rid of Kaspersky after the definition updates ran out. and installed avira personal edition premiun and comodo now fails to completel initiaonalization It gets stuck on “comodo is initializing”

If I open comodo [while it is stuck initializing] thought it says exellent protection and looks like it is running

Any ideas on this one. I have to exit comodo then restart it to get it to work everything is up and running in the task bar I mean…

I think I had the firewall off when I installed avira…

I got 3 months worth of avira then comodo will be ready right (:LOV)


Do you have any services disabled in your OS, beyond the normal ones.

I have some services disabled, but I have not disabled any in quite a while and it never stopped comodo from Initionalizing [init from now on] before…with kaspersky I mean. I wait like 2 minutes for it to init and then close it and restart it and all is OK—If it was going to init I figure it would before 2 mins…

Any service in particular that I could look at–I somethimes get a popup alert form comodo pf about user fast twitching something or other, but that resolves it self since I am the only user I guess

It sounds like it’s the problem with the traybar icon. When you hover over the icon, is says it’s initializing, but when you open the GUI it says it’s working fine?

System Tray Icon Tooltip - Firewall Being Initialized,2397.0.html,7055.0.html,7255.0.html

Also, about services, I think Terminal Services and Fast User Switching are the only required (except for CFP’s own service).


Ah Yes!!! I should have done a search… :-[

Thanks a lot :■■■■

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