Comodo v - Application Agent Not Working - Windows 10.

For the last few days Comodo Internet Suite has been showing “AT Risk” “APPLICATION AGENT NOT RUNNING” and also not showing when starting P.C. it then corrects itself after a short time. I thought I would just inform others who may have experienced this problem and that in my case I think I may have found the problem. I updated CCleaner v 5.16.5551 and have noticed that when I run this software Comodo switches off. I have re installed the previous version of CCleaner v 5.15.5513 and the problem appears to have gone away. I don’t know if this is the proper place to post this, if not I apologise in advance. But thought if others have experienced this with their P.C. and have the latest update from CCleaner it may save them a little bit of time.

I’m running the newest CCleaner v 5.16.551 and have not run into the issue you are describing, however I always disable CCleaner’s system and active monitoring settings under the monitoring setting tab, that could be causing conflicts. Can you try using the newest ccleaner version with those options disabled to see if that helps?

I have again re - installed the latest version of CCleaner v 5.16.5551 and have disabled montoring as you suggested. Thanks. So far so good!!! If it starts again I will let you know. It just seems strange that this did not occur with all the previous versions of CCleaner which I have been using for a number of years - also Comodo for about 10yrs.