Comodo & uTorrent Newbie Q

Hi folks,

I was reading some of the Old Archives on setting Special Rules and so forth for uTorrent to get by Comodo Firewall and it is definitely like Greek to me (meaning I don’t understand it at all).

Now I have Vista Home Prem., 64-Bit and I have installed the latest Comodo Firewall version (CFP) … Only the Firewall with Defense+ setting … and I have a few Questions …

Q1: Where in CFP do you add “Trusted Application”!?!? DO you do it under Firewall Tab or under Defense+ Tab?

Q2: How do you Undo a Trusted Application if I have changed my mind about it!?!? You know I no longer want it to be a Trusted App.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Comdo Firewall v3 … the latest version … but when I Check under Defense+ Tab … I see Bittorrent, the Parent Company of uTorrent as of my Trusted Software Vendors … also Vuze …

Q3: Now how in the world these show up under TRUSTED … when I have not installed them yet. Plus I have NEVER used the Vuze … I installed it long time ago and uninstalled it … so, how did they get in there now?


G! :slight_smile:

Hi gonwk,

A1, If you do it under firewall it will “trust” it if it needs firewall rules and create them automatically, under defense+ is will “trust” it when it needs HIPS alert answers (Hips=Defense+).

A2, You can remove it from the Network Security Policy or the Computer Security Policy (Firewall, Advanced or Defense+, Advanced).

A3, It’s a pre-defined list of trusted software vendors so it has nothing to do with what is or was on your system, it’s just delivered with the installer as “trusted” vendors.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ronny,

Hope you have had a Great XMAS

Thanks for your reply … most helpful … thanks for the dummy-proof answers … especially A3 helped me the most … so I don’t worry about any funny business by the 3rd party Software.

Thanks again and Wish YOU & the Comodo Forum Team A Great & Healthy New 2010 Year!

G! :slight_smile:

Yep mine was very good, and a Happy Healthy New Year to you also !