Comodo, uTorrent and firefox problems

I ran into some problems after installing the latest version of comodo on my home computer, everything seemes to work fine and dandy until I started uTorrent and afterwards tried to surf the web with firefox. It does not work, firefox (or internet explorer for that matter) wont open any pages just showing a grey loading page. Even if I close comodo it will not work, the only thing that will allow me to surf again is rebooting the computer.

I completed the uTorrent guide found in this forum, still the same problem. Everything worked super until I installed comodo. Anyone know what might be the problem here?

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Thought I might add that every other internet application appears to work well, my instant messaging client miranda, checking email, updating the virus software, it’s just firefox that appears broken.

Meh, im uninstalling the firewall now since this is a major issue that I just cannot resolve on my own.

Well thank you very much Comodo firewall, even after uninstalling the problem persists. Now what the heck am I supposed to do.

Warning to everyone, comodo broke my computer and now I cannot use utorrent and surf the web at the same time.

Tried everything to make it work again, registry clean, computer clean, check open ports, everything… Comodo broke it and now I dont know how to fix it.

I found the solution and you will curse and laugh at it. It was not comodo that messed up everything, it was nod32. My stupidity knows no boundaries :slight_smile: