Comodo user guide

Just a note to all fellow newbees. I found a .pdf Comodo User Guide on the main web site. You may have to look for it, as it’s not too obvious. It answers all my questions. ;D


The funny thing is that I found the link on anther site because someone was complaining about not being able to download the manual prior to installing Comodo. It is available from . It can be downloaded directly from .

It would be handy if the link was available in the FAQ section of the forums also. Once I found the User Manual, it made sense that it would be found where it is.

Many people do not particularly enjoy switching firewalls. It can be intimidating and can result in loss of Internet connection. There are of course those that enjoy swapping out firewalls just to see how they tick.

Munckman: Added. Tx for the suggestion.

Apart from the personal firewall web page, the manual is also available in the download section here.