Comodo User Guide - Problem with pdf format [Resolved]


I am a new user of CFP which is working well
except for serious problems with Microsoft updates for XP SP2 in Internet Explorer 7,
which I can only solve by disabling Comodo.
From Comodo forums I understand this is a bug yet to be fixed in Comodo ver 3.

I have the User Guide file “Comodo_Firewall_Pro_2.4_User_Guide.pdf”

I can read the file OK with Foxit pdf Reader,
but when I try to copy sections of text into MS Word via the clipboard
the text is corrupted.
?What is a Firewall?

This practice work well on other pdf documents.
Pictures, however, copy OK.

I note that this User Guide file was produced via 2.0.1 and I gather from forums that there is a long-standing and persistent problem with font translation
when an OpenOffice Writer document is exported as pdf format.

I use Foxit because it has many advantages compared to Adobe Acroread
(faster and uses less resources) and I am sure that many others do likewise.

Has anyone else come accross this problem, and found a way round it?

Maurice Wheatley
p.s. Ideally, I suppose Comodo should re-make the pdf using a proper pdf editor.

Hi Maurice, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I tried to do what you did (I use Foxit as well), and came across exactly the same thing. The text gets corrupted when I paste it into

Are you sure it’s not because of Foxit? I’ve had problems with other documents, but of course, it could have been those documents faults as well, not Foxit’s fault.

Would be great if anyone with Adobe Reader could confirm this.


If you open the firewall main screen you can click on help (top right) to view the manual, though it is in sections rather than continuous.

You can copy and paste bits of it from there.


I had a similar problem with foxit and switched back to adobe.


Thanks for the prompt response , folks.

LA - I had Adobe Acroread on another PC - it handles User Guide OK.
I have sent a message to Foxit,
but really the root of the problem is with OOo Writer as is evident in the OOo forums.

NTTW - yes, thanks for reminding me that I can do what I want via the Comodo help.
I’ve tried pasting from the pdf into NotePad, Wordpad, Atlantis, and Word - all got corrupted text.
I tried creating a test document in Writer - exported as pdf and some fonts were better than others.

I think we’ll have to wait for the promised correction in OOo 3


That’s one good investigation Maurice.

Feel free to post this PDF problem in the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News section of Comodo Firewall Pro!

I see. My problem (not the CPF document but others) did occur with an older version of Foxit, the newest one has no problems with the documents I tested - well, except for the CPF manual. Anyway, my experience is that Adobe is the best reader after all, but there are some cons… a lot of posts in that topic on the OT board.


Adobe PDF reader is one big bloated POS (= Piece of Sh*t)
just the installer download is 22MB !
and judging from all the spam I get with attached PDF’s there is some
security issue with PDF’s as well ?

Thanks LA - did you mean transfer this topic to Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News
or start it anew.

I don’t know how to do the former - but could start it again, simple as possibly useful info.


Hi, I’m taking care of it, by moving the topic to the section I mentioned. :slight_smile:


I have just been advised by Foxit that they have fixed the bug.
A new version Foxit_Reader21_setup.exe
is now available from:
I have quickly confirmed that text can now be copied correctly
from the Comodo UserGuide pdf to another editor,
and noted that the new Foxit has many new features.

This would seem to close this topic
thanks for your interest.

Maurice Wheatley

Tnx for the follow-up, Maurice! (:CLP)

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