Comodo USB Protector

As I saw, maybe I’m wrong , Comodo doesn’t have an aplication which will protect us from malware spreading over USB devices…
So I have an idea to create an aplication which could be portable and stored on USB so that you can turn write protection ON and Off any time, and that it have options to Add your own files on MP3 which can write logs and similar things, but they are protected from writing something in them all the time…
This is especially usefull when it ther is some patching viruses like Virut or Sality on someones PC…

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There is no need for such product.

The major defense is to completely disable Autoruns (that is a “must do” for all devices).
Other layers of security like AV (whatever you are using) and Defense+ will do the job

Then, there are excellent free Protection / Immunization Software out there already that you can use.
If you search the forum you will find previous discussions and advices

Please read the following thread for a start and subsequent referred link(s);msg338515#msg338515

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And after you disable autorun feature in your computer.
You should make a folder name Autorun.inf with read only attribute in your removable drive,This step is necessary. Because when you use USB drive with infected computer it can’t make an autorun script in you removable drive.

The file infecter virus can be prevent by using DonationCoder’s Dummy File Creator to makes drive full and can’t be modified that file.

Download here. NANY 2010 Release: Create Dummy File -

I think you mean file instead of folder here?

I’ve got one USB stick, that has a toggle Write Protection on the external of the casing.

What about software to make sure file can only be copied across using that certain software.
For example; I won’t work using Windows Explorer, but works in Comodo USB Explorer (made-up name).

Hi pranaygtr ,

I am not sure how you are connecting stick’s “Write Protection” and the necessity of having Autoruns being disabled. If there is infection on a stick the PC with Autoruns enabled has a chance to be infected (leaving aside existing security that may or may not catch that)

…and sorry, but I don’t see how that new thing “Comodo USB Explorer” (CUE ? 88)) can help in the 1st place (Defense+ should be the first on its way , despite sure the user can make a mistake answering, but that’s different story)

What are those special & novel functions that you can see in CUE?

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On my USB stick it has a small toggle switch, when switched to the “on” position.
I am not able to Write/Edit/Delete contents on my USB stick.

BTW, I have disabled Autorun - across all our PCs.

Sure, but that’ not protecting from reading/running something - that’s what I meant :wink:

And disabling Autoruns globally is a wise move. Cheers!

Oh right, I understand what you mean now. :smiley:

Unfortunately my USB flash drive isn’t has that switch. :frowning:

hello freinds !!!

i have the same question 88) for the usb Protector,
so why comodo don’t have this application for the USB like the other software!!!

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May I ask you whether you’ve read this thread (and many others… please use Search) dedicated to the issue?
And if you did , do you still think that it make any sense for creating new/another Software (by Comodo in particular)?


no, no. folder’s just as good. i have one made through the command prompt.

mkdir <path>/autorun.inf

use attributes to make it undeletable or place a .con folder inside

mkdir <path>/autorun.inf/.con

as per write-protection, the idea of using a huge file as a pseudo-write-protect measure can be a bit straining on some usb’s and broke mine. A better alternative will be to use the NTFS file format for your USB and take advantage of the security features. Two of my USB’s are protected with the NTFS file format. While not necessarily immune, it protects my files from being modified, deleted, copied, or hidden, and no file escapes my notice, so you could easily tell if it’s a virus or not. The only hassle would be that editing files require me to save as another file name (though not necessarily an inconvenience since it forces me to make back-ups). And one other catch is that it seems you could only edit and take full advantage of NTFS rules in Windows 7 (though the rules work just the same for Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7).

(Re)Discovered the trick while playing with the attributes (after yet another infection) and saw that the NTFS had more options than FAT or FAT32.

:stuck_out_tongue: In my view,automatic USB scanning is necessary.When the user insert USB, CD and other equipment, COMODO will automatically scan, to ensure that the equipment of documents in safety and eliminate the safety hidden trouble.

An interesting reading about this subject

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How nice that this thread is still alive :slight_smile:

Hi wudulaozu, and welcome to the forum

I hope you read this (& other) thread(s) dedicated to the issue
Having in mind that Autoruns are disabled – nothing can be run automatically from mentioned devices when they are connected.
So what would you achieve by auto scanning … except big troubles?

Here is a scenario. Today I am planning to:

  • make few copies of my DVDs/CDs having two DVD devices;
  • grab some Software from Flash Stick (64 or 128 Gig) in order to install something or just run some portable Application;
  • then finally I would connect 3TB external HD (where >2.5 TB already used) for backing up something or making system image

Now can you imagine how glad you would be if Comodo (or any given security) will automatically start scanning all of those? :o

I’m sure – your first request after such “disaster” would be: “How can I disable auto- scanning of USB devices?" :wink:

Finally, if & when you wanna scan those, please use custom scan(s) of particular device(s)
More over most AVs allow you to create & save such custom scan sets… and fire those, when you have spare time for such huge scans being accomplished. Basically, you may consider leaving PC unattended “for a while” - it may take a lot of time & CPU/memory resources


What you have said is one-sided, I mean USB automatic scanning, not only against the automatic operation of the invasion of the virus, and on the one hand was scanning USB device of documents, such as U dish file with a virus, but not to be automatic operation of that kind of, is a common virus file.
Comodo Internet security can pop-up window asked whether the user is scanning, this can be done, kaspersky, Bitdefender and a lot of Ann soft is such.Doing so will no doubt increase the security of the system, for comodo is a kind of security scan - USB automatic scanning.

not necessarily. Scanners may take a while with just one file. I had a 1GB USB and even that took a full 30 mins for scanning. It wasn’t even half full. Some enter a loop if they fail to detect the file dropper on the host. Others would not mount the USB until it has finished scanning which can be time-consuming especially during emergencies.

I believe some form of protection needs to be enforced on USB’s but definitely not automatic scanning. For now, I have settled with security permissions and common sense.

:P0l Can you tell me why you use USB DISK SECURITY? Why comodo no USB protection?

I may have in the past (otherwise, I wouldn’t know what problems one might encounter, now would I?), but as I’ve said in my previous post I’ve had troubles with them so I settled with security permissions and common sense.