Comodo USB device scan

Hi there I have just installed Comodo Internet security after my Kaspersky license ran out. I am wondering if how to turn on the automatic USB device scan option? I always think it’s a good idea to scan anything being put into your computer I have been saved before because of this USB scan.

With CIS every file will be scanned just before it is in memory. Thus, all files will be scanned before they can harm your computer, regardless of what drive they are on.

Thanks for that information I’m still getting used to the differences between Kaspersky and Comodo, I have been surprised to find that a free internet security package has out performed Kaspersky after watching some reviews on Youtube, it seems pretty good so far


Let us know if you have any other questions. We’ll be happy to clarify.

I have been installing a bit of new software today, and Comodo brings up an alert every time I install something I have been clicking let it run not isolated every time and ticking remember my choice. This was software from Fender guitar not some dodgy adware filled thing I’d downloaded. I suppose I would have to do this the first time if I trust it then it won’t ask again?

Anything not already in Comodo’s whitelist of verified safe applications will automatically cause popups like that. However, that also means that all malware, regardless of whether it is yet flagged as bad or not, will also be isolated. Thus, you are protected from nearly all malware. This is the default deny strategy of computer security.

However, as this can obviously be annoying for applications which you know to be safe, you can either add them to your own trusted list, as you mentioned doing in the above post, or you can report them in this topic, where they will be analyzed and added to the whitelist so that nobody in the entire Comodo network will receive an alert for them.

It’s a different way of doing it I guess it works pretty well it’s not that much hassle telling it that a program is safe I know which programs are safe and I use those a lot, and anything I’m not sure about I would just let it use the isolated sandbox. I wasn’t sure about using Comodo at first I thought it would be too in depth but it seems to be pretty easy to use with this latest version I can’t believe it free as well.