Comodo Updates

:)I’m happy with the Comodo Free Firewall and have used it for quite some time. All my other application programs seem to update on a daily or near-daily basis, but not the Firewall. What am I missing? If it does update daily, I wish there was an icon representing that it was doing so. If it doesn’t update daily, it should.

the firewall does not need to update anything. There are no signature files or anything like that.

Firewall don’t have to update daily.

Finally I can update this database with this latest version dated May 19, 2009.
In the past, I had to use Avast 4.8 but now I am happy with this version.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Firewalls don’t need to be updated daily. Anti viruses/other malware scanners need to be updated daily so they can be able to scan for and detect the latest malware threats. Firewalls don’t scan for malware, but instead, regulate network traffic. They are only updated when there is a new version with enhancements, bug fixes, or new features.