Comodo Updates

Hello all,

first of all congratulations to Comodo for their great products.
I’ve read some threads concerning trust and Comodo products, regarding lack of visibility of what the firewall does in the background. I think that although a constructive, organised Q&A/research behind the subject can only deliver benefits, at the same time it is unreasonable to ‘attack’ Comodo for things like not opening their source etc.

At the end of the day, these are very good products, that are given to us for free! We do not have to use them as there is a plethora of other products (both proprietary and free/open-source). In addition, I doubt anyone can claim that any product is 100% safe, as there are many different potential approaches for compromising security, should a software house decide to do this.

For ANY product that is installed on your PC, there is an element of ‘blind trust’ that is involved (and that includes such fundamentals as your OS). I believe that people that spend time on arguing hypotheses of potential opportunities of abusing customer trust, should spend that time in researching/testing these products and using forums such as this to share and exchange opinions and findings.

Now, to my question :slight_smile:

Everytime Comodo Firewall informs me of an update and I agree to install it, the application security settings I have setup seem to get forgotten. Namely, the applications that Comodo knew how to treat, due to the instructions I have been giving over time, seem to be lost everytime I update.

Will I have to ‘train’ my firewall everytime I update it?

Thanks in advance and once again congratulations for an excellent suite of software


You can save your configuration by going to MiscellaneousManage My Configurations and then export it. File extension won’t matter.
Then just import it after each update :wink:

(L)Hi Ragwing Reborn

Fantastic, I hadn’t looked at that before. This is very useful, thank very much for the tip.

Just as a question though, how come Comodo Firewall doesn’t have the option of importing the settings of your previous installation automatically? This is standard functionality on most upgradeable software that involves extensive settings.

Thanks again

I do not want to export anything. Extra work and unnecessary for the user.
I do not want to muddle through the settings every time.

How about a hot update that keeps your settings.
If Comodo must uninstall, then do not clear settings sub folder folder.

Aaaaah. Yesterday CIS updated and I lost all settings. I lost days of fine tunning rules and settings…
Thanks Comodo for this nice feature. Can you preserve settings while updating? I don’t know any software that lost everything on update.

You must close Comodo and run again as Administrator and then you can export settings…

There was an error with the first release of 3.10 in which the rules made with 3.9 were deleted. That version was quickly withdrawn but had already affected people’s set ups.