Comodo updates

Would someone advise me if I will receive Comodo updates while I’m on the internet using Mozilla Firefox?

Hi & welcome to the forums.

Assuming that you have “Automatically check for program file updates” & “Automatically check Comodo certified application updates” checked (Security - Advanced - Miscellaneous), which they are by default, then you should have no problems. Are you having trouble?

Hi kail, thanks for replying.
As far as I know, I’m set up for automatic updates but, since I’ve only very recently installed Comodo, I thought I’d check that it was up to date by clicking on the updater.
What worried me was that I then had a Comodo error message thingy telling me that I wasn’t connected to the internet! That made me think that perhaps I need to go online with Internet Explorer to be sure of getting updates.
If you could confirm that Firefox is OK for automatic updates, I’d be grateful.

I thought the issue with MSIE being the default browser & CPF was only related to the activation of CPF. I do not believe this issue impacts CPFs updates. I also use Firefox (as default browser) & I’ve not noticed any problems.

But… I’m certain someone will jump in & shout if I’m wrong. ;D

I have the same issue after installing ie 7, related or unrelated. Who knows what the technical
bug is to resolve this updater issue?

top hat

Here is another forum topic discussing same issue with updater.exe


HERE IS THE URL:,3035.0.html


Ah… there’s the URL. :wink:

Actually, there might also be a 3rd (not enough detail yet).

But, one thing is for certain. I was wrong, CPF does use MSIE’s connection for the update.

Is anybody with MSIE 7 able to get CPFs update to work without a connection failure (even though there are no updates available)? It should come back & say that there are no updates available.

Astra: I know you use Firefox. But, which version of MSIE do you currently have installed? Also, you might want to check your connection settings in MSIE & ensure that MSIE can access the Net.

I updated to IE7 a few days ago, and can manually run the CPF updater with no trouble.

OK, thanks for the feedback KingKull. So, it’s not just an MSIE 7 specific issue then.