Comodo updates today ?

Today Comodo prompted that: “New updates are ready to be installed”.
What updates have been applied ? New applications in safe list or something else ?

Might be a downgrade; like some have .experienced :slight_smile: I have updates blocked via rules since turning off updates does not work. I will turn it back on once there is a less buggy version available.


Has your version updated to ?

Well, I had that version since it has been firstly released (3 weeks ago). I guess that update is related to the new theme I installed and maybe Comodo have seen that a file has been modified and it has replaced it.
I say this because after the update the default theme was present.

That must be it. The same was for v2: I deleted the help file, ran the updater, and it states there’s a new update when in fact it just restored the file.

my one is even funnier :stuck_out_tongue:

I use StartRight to handle the loading of my startup programs during loading of WinXP

when i click diagnostics in CFP 3 it says there is something wrong with my installation, click to correct it. what it does is it reticks the check box for Start with windows in miscellanous/settings.

Well, this is a nice feature to auto-repair itself, but I hope a real update will be out also. (:TNG)

Which is why you disable startup from inside comodo lol:D.

it is disabled within comodo settings, its just it doesn’t like it and reports there is something wrong with the installation and it reticks it (:TNG) lol

it doesn’t bug me now though, only to begin with, now i’m used to it and atleast I know there isn’t actually anything wrong with CFP 3 even though it says there is when it loses its little tick in that box lol!..