COMODO Updates Pop-Up Keeps Repeating Itself

Dear People,

I am running version and have the Lifetime Registration. When I booted my PC this evening, a pop-up informed me there were updates available for COMODO Firewall and would I like to install them.

It went on to say the update would disconnect my internet connection during download and install processes, so I would have to reboot after my PC afterwards to restart internet sessions.

I did as instructed and the pop-up disappeared but I received no confirmation afterwards that the update ever completed. I rebooted as it had stated but the first thing I saw after my desktop was created was the same COMODO again saying there were updates available and asking if I like to install them.

Well, I repeated the above sequence two more times, pouring through help information, checking internet connections, and making sure system settings were functioning normally. I found nothing wrong.

Is this a COMODO problem or am I missing something here?

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

P.S. Your Firewall product is a wonderful product. I like it very, very much and certainly wish you
the very best earnings increase in the future.

Hi and welcome. You could try to set it to “allow all” and see if this works while downloading update. If all else fails… you can try here …

and download the latest version if update won’t work. Keep your activation key handy, if you lost it, you can get another. Uninstall CPF, install latest and should work fine.