Comodo updates (miscellaneous - Update) causes IExplorer and WinExplorer to fail

Updating from 33.13.126709.581 database 3763

Selecting Miscellaneous, “Check for Updates” and applying the update and rebooting as instructed causes Internet Explorer (7) and Windows Explorer to report failure. Windows Explorer then restarts. (Took at least 5 restores from Jan 17 2010 backup to isolate problem to Comodo update. Stable backup, only activity invoked was Comodo Miscellaneous Update)

Observed From Friday 1/29/2010 through 4 pm Saturday 1/30/2010

The only way to see if this has been solved will be to do a system backup so that I can restore the system to pre-update status.

Vista Home Premium, SP1, IE7

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The Feburary 2nd update resolved the problem :-TU