Comodo updates giving me headache with hiking CPU usage

Yes it started when I updated to v5 and my CPU usage increased from around 20% to around 35%-45% usage (consistent). After the latest update CPU usage has gone up to around 75%-85% and sometimes even 90%-95. What is going one?

My laptop always ran smoothly without blip or slowing down - could run photoshop, microsoft office softwares and sony vegas without freezing or slowing down. Now it’s almost completely the opposite as just firefox slows it down.

So what do I do?

BTW the process is cmdagent.exe
HELP! >:(

Hello mini4me,

Do you have any other security software installed?
Also; Please See This thread

Hope this helps!


Are you using Avast 5 anti virus? Then add the CIS folders to the exceptions of Avast.