Comodo updates breaking desktop .exe's

Sadly I had to delete Comodo… I run Vista Home Premium and I found that every time Comodo updates, all my desktop icons and many other .exe’s fail to run. I used my wife’s computer and found a forum that said to uninstall Comodo…woot…everything is back to normal. I can actually run all my programs on the desktop now. Guess there is something to be said for the paid Internet Security rather than the free ones like Comodo. I will not use it again. 3 hours of downtime because Comodo decides it will not allow my .exe files to run is unacceptable…I will just pay for Mcaffee, that works well…

Hello, was you using the 3.9 beta or the stable 3.8?

Unfortunately this is a confirmed bug but should have been fixed in 3.9. =/

In 3.9 changelog:
“FIXED! CIS blocks some application from being executed”.

However you are free to use what you like and feel comfortable with. :-TU :-TU