Comodo Updates are ready for your computer?.

Every now and then I used to get a pop up telling me that updates were available for the Firewall. Several times I would install these updates and they would install but the version number of Comodo would not change. I thought it must be a bug and so after that when I got it, I would exit the pop up wait an hour or so and then open Misc and manually check for updates which more often than not said I was up to date. This “problem” appeared to have stopped after updating to the latest version, until yesterday and again today.
I get the pop up and exit it, when I later go to manual update I am told that updates are available, I click on the details and am taken to the Comodo Download Centre where I see the standard download page with no mention of update details etc. I next came here but see that there are no updates mentioned in any of the CIS forums. My AV automatic updates are working fine. I am using Comodo CIS version 3.12.111745.560 and the AV database is 2586. Is this a bug or does Comodo CIS have updates that don’t change the version number and which no one seems to mention in the forums?. Confused!!.

Do you ever delete entries from the My Trusted Software Vendors list? With previous versions CIS would retrieve the erased entries by using the Updater.

No EricJH, I have never touched anything like that. I just have the basic install and then I go through Kyles Guides and that is it. I don’t touch it anymore. I am using Win XP Home SP3 and my PC is around 7yrs old if that has anything to do with it. I

Should have added this to the previous post. I just did a manual check for updates and was told no updates available. Since my first post I have only logged out to go to bed and logged in again this morning, no reboot or anything of that sort.

Let us know if you get other invalid updater notifications.

OK, will do.