comodo updater

Hi, all! I did try this version: 3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32 on winXP Pro sp3
Something wrong happening with comodo updater in this version:
1)without a working proxy it unable to update.
Perhaps it looking for IE settings, but i did block IE at all(i did put nonexistent proxy)Perhaps is there a hiding settings to set updater working without a proxy and without any browser “affection”? (I mean in direct way.)
2)in the firewall settings, i did set to ask if comodo want going to the interenet.( Advanced-> Network Security Policy)
Here my picture, as you can see:

Firewall doesn’t ask me even once while i did get an answer from updater that “no new updates are found” So, this firewall unable to follow my rules.How can i trust it on cases with a real trojans? Perhaps anybody can tell me the exact steps to do it?
P.S. Strange …but, when i right click on Comodo icon - “about” is missing.
P.P.S.Sorry for my English. Your corrections are always welcome to my PM :slight_smile:

Not that you are not experienced, but you may have created rules that CIS cannot carry out, because the algorithm is incorrect or the policy is unmatched. I recommend to remove these policies, and set the firewall to training mode for 24 hours. Then, set the firewall to safe mode.

Also, on the Miscellaneous tab, click Diagnostics.

Let me know of the results.

Thanks for reply, DragonMaster Jay :slight_smile:
I did removed any policy that i did created to Comodo, then did set a firewall to training mode.It doesn’t help.
I did push on update button- still don’t get any popup, and i don’t see any rules for comodo itself in “Network security policy”.
I understand that it is by design, because of this i am asking you, how it works exactly, in order to create a rule for comodo updater?
I want to create a global blocking rule, and then to allow to my programs to go to internet. Or you want to tell me, it is impossible in Comodo?
As i did mention, without putting in working proxy in settings, comodo updater doesn’t work at all. ( error 106 - no internet connection )At least, i understand that it used an IE settings for updating.Because of IE i did set to non-existent proxy, obviously updater unable to connect to internet with default settings.
About: Miscellaneous tab, click Diagnostics. No problems.

Ohhhh…the updater?

I recommend the Predefined Firewall policies over making your own, usually.

CIS has only a few policies, and most of them are on the suite itself. So, if it is labeled a Trusted Application, then you give the entire suite right to connect to the internet, etc.

Like stated in its dialog the updater use Internet Exporer Connection setting to deliver your updates.
To have it work without a proxy it is needed to disable the incorrect IE proxy setting.

In miscellaneous\Settings\Connections it is possible to assign a different Proxy to override IE connection settings.
This way it would be possible to misconfigure IE with a bogus proxy and have CIS use a different but correct proxy.

Using a similar policy with ask rule the firewall alerts about outbound connections when the updater attempt a connections.

Setting Firewall to Block All mode will be possible to confirm that appropriate rules would be able to block these connections.
However it is preferable to not interfere with the update process and manually set a Comodo Internet Security File Group Rule to Outgoing only.

Endymion, theoretically i can agree with you. The problem is, there is some little bag in firewall leak protection or it is by design :slight_smile: In order to understatn that i would like to know the update process itself.
Could you explain how update process works?
I did restart the windows, and after that popup request show up to cmdagent.exe from comodo, i did allow it.
Then i did go to rules and change rule to ask.
Did make a restart again (perhaps is there a bug , when comodo don’t remember settings, without a restart? )
After restart, i did click again on update button- comodo didn’t ask me anything(it should according to settings)and more over it allow to update. So, may i understand “ask” and “allow” is the same in comodo logic?

drongo here cmdagent.exe trigger alerts even after a reboot and the same goes for cfpupdat.exe

I guess the problem as it is might as well be a misunderstanding though it is difficult to get an idea about your specific setup, CIS settings, what you see on your video display and the way the policies are affected by your actions whenever alerts are marked to be remembered or not.

Anyway if you wish to confirm that the connection can be blocked you only have to set the firewall to block all.

As for the necessary rules if you wish you can discover them by trial and error whenever AFAIK there would be no practical purpose to cripple CIS itself to discover how it carry its updates.

For what if matters ask and allow work as expected and it would be practically possible to easily confirm this with any application that can be terminated manually before a reboot.