Comodo Updater popping up and not going away (help)

I have the firewall on my Windows Vista Dell Desktop Computer. The Comodo updater will pop up in my system tray and not go away.

I click “Yes” to install updates and nothing happens. The updater pops up again in my system tray and I click “Yes” to install updates and nothing happens.

It will not check for updates either. It just says “Checking for Updates” when I click “check for new updates” and nothing happens. It just sits there on the screen saying “checking for updates”

My internet is not the problem. All websites work fine. This is not happening on my Windows 7 ASUS laptop.

Can someone help me out here? I’d really appreciate any help with this.


You may want to do a clean install. To do this please follow the advice I give here:

However, doing this will lose any rules you had created. Thus, if these are complicated you may want to export your configuration from your current installation and import it into the new one. However, note that doing so may cause problems. Thus, if possible do not import your old rules.

Let me know if you have any questions and how it goes.


Can’t I just uninstall and reinstall it?

You can. However, I have seen many cases where it was only when the extra steps were taken , and removal tools were run, that the problem was able to be solved. I would strongly suggest following my advice. It’s really not as complicated as it seems.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I don’t want the entire Comodo Internet Security. Just the firewall. Does the process have the same steps then?

Yes it does. Do everything exactly the same. The only difference is that at the end you will install Comodo Firewall instead of Comodo Internet Security. Other than that all of the removal tools used are the same.


One last question though.

This wasn’t happening until recently. This wasn’t happening a week/a month ago. Couldn’t I just leave it as is with my current version and when it happens just click “No”?

Because there is nothing else wrong with my Dell Windows Vista desktop computer that I know of other than this issue with my Comodo Firewall.

If you like you can of course decide to coexist with this issue. However, my concern with this is that you will not be able to tell if it is a real update or not (at least without checking the forum). However, the choice is yours.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I don’t mind at all.


I just don’t understand how/why this is happening when this wasn’t happening several weeks/a month ago.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. That’s all.


I’m not sure about that. Perhaps it could have been caused by a failed update, which went unnoticed until these problems started.

I’m just assuming that a clean install will fix the problem, regardless of where it came from.

Okay. Well it didn’t do it today (yet). If it keeps it up and starts to annoy me I may try your suggestion and I guess I’ll just double post or something letting you know if it worked or not.

Thanks for all of the help though.

Thanks. Keep me updated.