Comodo updated and most of the program is unreponsive

I’m on Windows 8.1 and was prompted to update Comodo to the latest version (7.0.315459) and did so… Now, since the update, while the program seems to be running, none of the functions are accessible - as in, I can’t access the setting, I can’t open the logs, I can view the quarantine, the scan button doesn’t respond, the update button doesn’t respond, etc. Some of this I could probably live with til the next release (assuming that in this state it will actually check for updates), but as I also don’t seem to have the ability to scan individual files either, this is unacceptable…

Does anyone have any suggestions before I uninstall completely and reinstall? I’d rather not have to put in all my settings again, but I’m not trusting the program is even functional in this state.

Can you export your settings? If not, do you have them exported from before?

The reason I ask is that reinstalling by following the advice I give here will almost certainly be able to solve this problem. However, if your issue is making sure your configuration is not lost this may be a bit tricky.

So that you will get the best available responses, I will move this post to the HELP section of the forum. There users will hopefully be able to help you ensure that your configuration is not lost, if possible.

Thank you.

I’m not sure if I can export them since I can’t even open the advanced settings, unless there’s a way of doing that through another method? I do not have them exported from before, this is the first time I’ve ever not been able to get into the settings before.

Luckily, most of my settings should be set to default… though I have set up a few program specific rules and I hope I can remember them.

Thanks Chiron.

If anyone else is having this issue, is it a problem with this version of Comodo, or just the update process had an issue? It would be nice to know if I need to reinstall an older version, or if a fresh install of this version works.