Comodo update

So I get this alert for update from comodo firewall and I allow it and there is an icon in systray and I click that icon and there is a automatic update pop up … I hit ok and then an alert for comod update going to be launched and then nothing. Anyone else get this, what is this?

It is probably updating the Trusted Vendor List.

No it is not, as soon as I allow the cfupdate to run, it closes and disappears from taskmgr.

btw I noticed comodo update application is named cfupdat.exe in the directory, it is missing an ‘e’ at the end.

Sounds like the TVL is being updated to me…

I got the exact opposite : launching the update link gave me that there wasn’t any but as I was posting in the forum I went to check about products and found there was a V5.12.55693.2551 when my installed version was the 5.10.3149…

Hi idoru,
V5.12 was a compatibility update for Windows 8.
It is not intended to automatically update existing V5.10 users to V5.12.

I would believe something of that nature but it is like allow and 1-2 seconds later it is gone. I have the taskmgr already opened btw.

When is the next update coming out ? (win7)

As soon as the beta stage is complete.

By the way how Comodo update TVL in CIS? Using what? Program update or something else?

As far as I’m aware, that’s a function of the program updater.

Makes sense. Thank you. ;D :-TU