Comodo update via dialup

I ( a dial-up user) have been a Comodo firewall user for a while without a hitch. Recently I updated one of my computers to Comodo CIS. This was a no go, I could never update the vIrus signatures, tried about 6 times, it always crapped out about 30 mins into the download, so I reverted to ThreatFire.
Tonight I was told to update a PC to the latest Comodo, I agreed, but 60 mins later, with the download size already being larger than the original file size I quit.

My complaints are 1: Why is there no indication of the download size,
2: Why is there no indication as to the completion status of the download.

20+M down loads may be trivial to many of your users, but to we dial-ups this can be an hour out of our lives.
I note that AVG updates are issued daily and rarely exceed 100K, also they have a resume facility, so a ■■■■-out is not forever. You have a fine product, but if you do not pay attention to these apparent trivia you are doomed to fail.



+1 here

I refer to my posted request on making virusdef files available on server, and on the present issue i have on updating .539 to the latest virusdefs. Indeed repeated downloads of 10mb files but without effect.

also, it would help if the latest Cis program on server, would be updated daily or weekly to have at least some recent virusdefs in it.

Note that also antivir free has the ennoying habit of having a months old program on server, and virus def update downloads are huge.


I agree completely. My ISP “recycles” my connection after 6 hours max. If I’m downloading a file from a non-resumable server, I cannot afford to have Comodo stealing my limited bandwidth whenever it wants with no control on my part. I just lost a download because Comodo was downloading a 30 Megabyte AV update. This may be trivial for broadband users but NOT EVERYONE HAS BROADBAND really. No other AV or other application for that matter has refused to allow me to control the timing of updates. This is simply bad design. Not everyone’s needs are identical. I was really happy to see Comodo create an integrated product but this is a horrible situation. Allow us to control AV updates and/or make the files available for separate download and installation on owr schedules not Comodo’s.