comodo update silently, then put back all the "trusted" vendor back

this is really pissing me off, I have removed all the so-called “trusted vendors” from the file rating system so I can block each connection that these companies try to access to.

once comodo update, I don’t know when he did, but comodo firewall put back the trusted vendor and didn’t show the popup for allowing or blockign a connection.

so for a long period all the program could go on the internet without an alert.

I mean WTF Comodo, this is supposed to be a Security software, a FIREWALL;
now you’re turning it into a “super easy-for-noob-software” that does all these stupid things.

we can’t trust you anymore :-TD

Except no it doesn’t. I just removed a huge amount of trusted vendors while on v6294, then I added beta IP address to update settings, ran update task, updated and reboot, the list was the same.

If the OP is concerned about such an issue, he can set firewall to “custom ruleset”, and then he will have control over what connects out, regardless of TVL.