Comodo update servers down ?!

Same here, updating the antivirus fails. Last update 6 days ago. And trying to manually download the av database also fails. Very annoying.

Current DB here is 18318, which happened 3 hours ago.

Current DB for me is 18286

Latest Database Version:18318

18318 here abd again 24 hrs old, somewhat odd that this happens during weekends and 2 weekends in row (at least 2 weekends).

Are you using v5.12? Then see if this post by ambrougham and this post by MSB and the topic can help you further.

No I’m using CIS 6.3.302093.2976 on Win 8.1 64bit

I updated manually an hour ago and the database is now at 18321. We’re both in West Europe and likely on the same server. Odd…

yea this time manually upodating worked and db was over day old. something bugs in cis autoupdater during weekends.

After some testing, it appeared to be stranger and stranger…

I figured out that I was unable to update the definitions from my home network. I took my Ultrabook (Win 8.1 Pro 64bit) and my tablet (Win 8.1 32bit) with me at work and connected to the wifi network of the office, and there, I was able to update without any problem. Back home, the same machines failed to update… Now, as of yesterday, it works again from my home network as well.

So everything is ok now, but I don’t understand what was happening…


Yeah its doing this to me as well. I got up this morning and tuned on pc and all updated fine but when i went to use other pc it would not update and said it had not updated for 14 hours and gave error message when trying to,now back on first pc and this one is doing the same. Im using 7.0.317799.4142. First time i have ever had this issue,any ideas ???

database 18395

Sorry to keep adding stuff but also wont let me upload files to comodo

18397 and so far no day old database.

Mines back up and running on both pc`s ;D

related to this: yesterday my 2nd comp said that CIS agent is switched off and not even rebooting helped, after hitting update button and CIS updating itself CIS started working properly.