Comodo update popups

Since I installed Comodo firewall version 5 and I have constant and quite annoying update pop ups. it shows up sometimes twice a day, or once. it simply pops up the updater as if I request it from the interface.

I believe that’s the automatic update which I need. but why it is not silent? especially my version is up to date according to the updater. it just pops up in the middle of work, I click next, start, and then it disappear on its own after moments.

is there a way to make it silent?

Comodo firewall 5.0.16
sandbox disabled
Windows XP SP 3 32bit
Anti-vrius: Avast 5

Try this.

thanks a lot for the suggestion and reply.

I had this balloon setting unchecked. though I think there should be some option to make updates silents even with balloon messages unchecked.

anyway, I ll check if this works. mods please keep this thread open until I can verify for a day .

Nope, seems didn’t work. just got the update pop up. but I noticed after I click next. inside the window it displays “updates are suspended” . then I click (start/ continue) and it displays checking for updates, then the window disappears. checking updates manually from the interface, shows it is up to date though.

That’s very odd… I’ve never heard of this happening.

Burebista was pointing out how to make AV updates silent, which I believe is the default since around version 3.8.

You are actually talking about program updates though, correct? You’re saying the updater window opens all by itself? The updater is for program updates, not AV updates. This should be silent. I’m not sure what could be causing this behavior.

Just to double check something, you have it set to check for program updates in the general preferences found in More → Preferences, correct?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the reply. yes that screenshot is exactly how it was before I added the balloon messages check. I didn’t have this happening in version 4, it is only after I installed version 5.

the update window is quit that pops up by itself is quite strange, hours ago it appeared and then disappeared quickly without me clicking anything. it almost shows up 1-3 times a day. (the variation probably depends how long my computer on)

though as I found out and mentioned in the last post, I noticed that in that window it says “checking for updates is suspended”, and there is button that says start or continue (can’t remember exact word). maybe that information can help ? is there anywhere else I can look in settings or program files?

Back in March, somebody reported the same error and it went away after a few days.

Checking Updates is Suspended error

However, they didn’t mention the update window opening by itself. Of course, this was two major version updates back, so things could have changed from the updating perspective.

How long have you had version 5 installed? Probably more than a few days I’m guessing?

I have version 5 since October 6 2010 (I know because I installed 5 when I was typing my first post to the forum about a bug)

the updater thing was happening everyday. the updater from the interface works fine and there is no message about it being suspended. it only happens in the pop up updater, that opens by itself.

if I recall correctly,before I installed version 5, I got this updating window telling me there is new version, but when I start , it just disappeared. but then I went through the updater from interface and worked. that’s why I tolerated the window after version 5 for awhile.

Is the updater of comodo a separate process that run as a windows service? so I can check to see if it is running. or if there any other suggestion? I haven’t tried to uninstall/install, just putting that as a final solution.

where the definition updater stored/configured?

In the preference, in the update tab, I have this, can anyone please verify they have the same on version 5?

Enable host

thanks for the help

I attached screenshot of the window (first screen and second screen), after clicking continue, it just disappear quickly.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Since about a week I get the balloon popups every 15 minutes. But even when they tell me, the virus-database is being updated and then tell me it has been updated, the main window (summary) tells me, the database had not been updated recently.

But this has stopped about an hour ago.

Probably this is another topic but I tell you just to be complete:
Also I got questions from defence + this afternoon about my windows update and other programms that have been allowed to do their jobs month ago without having changed anything.

Are you trying to tell me that it is normal behavior of Comodo to forget the rules and make fake updates??

Bump. I am experiencing the exact problem that Tiredofime describes.

At random intervals, Comodo will pop up the updater screen without any interaction, with the word “Static” in two places. I haven’t been able to determine any pattern to the pop-ups - usually there’ll be one within a short time of booting up, and then periodically after that.

If I click start, it tells me that checking updates is suspended (as shown in Tiredofime’s screenshots). If I click to cancel or close the window, it will hang around for a moment, and then disappear. If I leave it alone, it will disappear of its own volition after a few moments.

I can update as normal going through the main screens. Comodo seems to otherwise be working quite normally. However, this behaviour is quite annoying (and strange).

Interestingly, I experienced this behaviour previously with Comodo. I uninstalled the program after a little while to try some other things, and ended up coming back to it. The behaviour started again when I reinstalled it.

I am using XP Pro SP3 32-bit, Avira free AV, Comodo free 5.3.175888 (Firewall and Defence+ enabled, sandbox disabled).

I’d appreciate help sorting this one out. Cheers.