Comodo update or a malware

Hi, My pc is working find until an update from comodo firewall show out. i’ve updated my comodo then it asked to restart the computer. Then something show up asking for permission ms-rpc (135). i first search for it and found out it is not safe. all of a sudden my pc hungs up.

I have no choice but to do a hard reboot, after that i connect to the net and my pc hung again. reboot. then I start avast antivirus to scan my pc. It crash after 5mins. then i tried to use SUPERANTISPYWARE, the same happen my system crash.

right now i can’t use windows, i am using debian to post here. help me


I think someone attacking me… i got another alert from comodo firewall. ms-ds 445 trying to connect forgot the whole sentence, i blocked it. right now my pc don’t hung anymore.

Temporarily block all inbound requests to your local ports 135-139 and port 445.