Comodo update frequency.

I am really curious to know how often Comodo updates it’s virus database. I know that norton automatically checks for there pulse updates about every 5-10 minutes. comodo seems to do it every 1-2 hours. I would like to know the frequency.

i think its every 30min.

Does it really matter how often one piece of software checks for updates ? To me it maters how often it really does update not how often it checks for updates. Norton may check for updates every 5-10 minutes but only update once a day and Comodo may on the other hand update twice a day. So if you program is checking all the time for updates but not updating then all it is doing is using up resources.

The update frequency in V6 is more configurable.

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Sweet updates every minute XD

… While i began to use comodo for having not to care that much about antivirus.
I need an update when i want to introduce something, or once a day.

Additionally i reduce the possibillity of getting a definition with false positives dramatically :smiley:

My first usual antivirus updated itself once a day (the company updated the definitions more often per day though)… And on weekends no one created malware… :wink:

I got no infection.
Now i have comodo.
To be more sure.

I will set it to a sec LOL! :slight_smile: Sweet! :slight_smile:

That is how often it will check. Not how often an update is available. Currently CIS will check every 30 minutes, but if there is no database update to download, it obviously can’t update the database.