Comodo Update Fails

Hi. This happened with the last update and I ended up uninstalling and re-installing the new version (following some forum advice). I’m a bit surprised that I can’t see ongoing forum posts on this issue and can provide system details as needed, however is there any generic knowledge on this issue so that I could get the update to work normally?

The symptom is that when I try to update (either from the pop-up bar or via the About window), after the download completes I get the message “! Downloaded file is not properly signed”, and the version remains un-updated.

I have tried updating on a re-start and have checked my firewall which seems to have no conflicts. I prefer to manually update, by the way, so enabling automatic updates isn’t a solution (that would be a workaround anyway!).

Hope someone can help - thanks.


We are currently tracking this issue, but the reproducibility rate was extremely low during tests. There is no issue with the file signature, instead I’ve found some hints that it could be related to the operating system. Some digital signatures are not detected correctly when the files are downloaded from the internet.

A quick solution for you would be to download the setup and install it manually to update the browser.


Garrog, you’re not the only one. I’ve had the same issue on the past two updates. Unfortunately CD just has too many issues and I’m moving back to Chromium. I only stopped in here once last time to see if there was a simple fix without having to reinstall, but clearly there isn’t.

I’ve tried about five times to update to the new version 31. Each time I try the download appears to succeed, but when I click the button that says something like Install and Relaunch CD closes, then nothing appears to happen. When I open my Windows Task Manager and look at process, a dragon updater shows, but it’s not consuming any CPU cycles. It just appears to sit there dormant.

I hope that Comodo can fix this because I find CD to be superior to Chrome and most other browsers.

Suggestion to CD developers: give us a pop up progress bar of some sort so that we can track the progress of both the download and then the update.


This issue is not related to the original post.
Can you upload the “dragon_updater.exe.log” and the “dragon_setup.log” files? They are located at "%windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.

Thank you.

This is to confirm that downloading and running the setup seems to update CD, so thanks for the suggestion, George.

I do hope that you are able to fix this by the next update - as I say, please let me know if I can offer any system info that may assist.

On a side-issue, I note that you moved my post - please note that it was posted in the original place as directed by the CD help page, Browser Bug Report|Comodo Dragon Web Browser Error Reporting|Comodo Dragon Browser so I think this needs updating if you want people to post elsewhere!

Aww I have the same problem for a long period of time. I still cann’t update my Dragon portable version
It says the same about not properly signed downloaded file. And when it downloads properly and offers to relaunch and update 'Incorrect command line arguments’ error window appears.
It is very important to update browser without uninstalling and re-installing!
If I download the latest version of Dragon installer and launch it will it be like update with keeping all my data safe or will it be new blank browser?

Hi and welcome StarushkaVu,
I just tested this by installing V29.1 portable.
I imported my bookmarks from a HTML file and set up other preferences.
I then run the V31.1 installer on top of it and all my preferences etc were saved in the new version.

Please do save a copy of your bookmarks to a HTML file and you could copy/paste the entire 'Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default’ folder to a safe location in case anything unforeseen happens.
Importing And Exporting Bookmarks-Comodo Dragon Help

Kind regards.

Thank you for your reply.
I was worried not about bookmarks but about extensions. I mean some of them keep data and when you just copy folders with them from one version to another it would’t save neither data no settings. But everething works just fine!
Thank you very much.