Comodo update download servers are down?

Is anyone else seeing that " is a 404 page? Anyone? I cant update comodo CIS. I am using Win 8.1. Please advise.

Looks like it is

Thanks wasgij6, I cant believe no one else is talking about this?? The page is a 404 page!

Here is what I am getting:


well that what you are seeing doesn’t have to mean that the is down.
It only means that there is no index.html(php) and that directory listing is disabled (for security reasons).
In fact, that you are able to see the 404 page means it’s running, and it’s running on a ngingx Server, interesting I would have thought the run on Apache…

That the AV Update fails could have dozens of reasons…



Ok, but with all due respect, I need to be able to download signatures for Comodo. What about the website I showed in the link that shows the site is down too.

I STILL cant believe no one is making that big a deal about this. A big company with the reputation of Comodo and no one seems concerned? I am forced to try and find another free antivirus/firewall now after using Comodo for the last 7 years and telling so many friends about it that are still using it to my knowledge.

Hi Guys,
I wonder if this issue is geolocation specific, I am not experiencing any update issues.
Hopefully only a temporary glitch.

Kind regards.

Me neither(just tried it), could be geolocation…
Is your the Windows Firewall on?
Any other security Software?
Maybe anonymization or VPN Software?
Comodo DNS?



just tried it right now, at 01:12am, rio de janeiro / brazil, and it shows:

404 Not Found

Your English is fine. I am in Florida and it is STILL down, 404 error and cant update CIS. Hence, having to switch to the “big A” antivirus , unfortunately. May still use Comodo firewall though. I wonder if anyone is working on this at Comodo.

Just because the index of returns a 404 error does not mean its “down”. You can still download AV and product updates which I was able to do just now and you can still access the installers from here and thats part of If you are unable to download updates then its more likely an issue on your side. Run a packet capture with wireshark when requesting an update within CIS to diagnose any network related problems.

That is what I was trying to say. The 404 page is delivered by the Server so the Server is up and running. If the Server was down you would not get a 404 you would get a “Connection Timeout” from the Browser or you would get a DNS error again from the Browser. 404 only means that the server can’t find a index.html(or php) and that “Directory listing” is disabled as it should be (this is not a FTP Server). I doubt that anyone with Comodo is working on this because according to this thread 3 Users out of (who knows) a few millions are having this problem. Logically that would mean there is something wrong with your PCs. So, what Windows and CIS are you using? What third party Security Software do you have installed. VPN? Anonymizer? Maybe we could track down the error…



Thank you Lord Rayden, you are correct. There is no index.anything, and we have disabled directory listing as most other do with their content delivery system. I’ve checked our CDN mirrors and can’t find any issues. Tinkles, if you could install wget and use that to to tell us exactly which mirror you are communicating with. I can make a deeper examination. Thanks!

Hello Guys,

Thank you very much for the feedbacks.

Could you please also kindly check and let me know if you are using Secure DNS or not ? Right now there is a problem on the Secure DNS servers so could you please try changing your DNS address please ? Please kindly let me know the result.

Kind Regards

Well thanks for the help here folks.

OK, thanks much. I am not able to install updates was the problem, I thought the was where I get the updates. I am currently with “A” anti-virus now, but will switch back to CIS shortly. I am waiting to get Windows 10 installed first. No since in switching back now and then have to do it all over again. I am on Comcast which WAS allowing CIS to update but not now. I can update everything but the signatures. I am using FF, does WireShark have a plugin I think for FF, or should I use wGet? I’ve never used either, so which every you think is easiest to use, I’ll download it. Maybe after I get Windows 10, CIS will work.

Ok, if/when you have this issue again could you try to get a packet capture with wireshark which you can get from Wireshark · Download that way we can troubleshoot whats happening between you and the update servers.