Comodo Update detected as a VIRUS?


Long time user, first time complainer :slight_smile:

I love Comodo firewall, so advanced yet so easy to manage.
Anyway just allowed an update as usual when oh, AVG pops up?

Apparently the file Comodo is using to update contains WIN32/PEPatch
File name:

What is this?
Why are YOU trying to infect my XP with a virus?
Anyone else had problems?
Pic attached. Thanks,

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Just noticed another thread.

I will not disable my antivirus, i trust AVG and their hueristics.
As for now, i wont update Comodo.

I’ll check AVG forums.

Definately False Positive. AVG should fix it… but do they want it to be fixed?

That is some misplaced trust…
Things like this are exactly the reason I didn’t renew my AVG subscription at the start of this month. It’s going downhill fast.

Do you seriously think Comodo placed a virus in their updater?


I experienced the same alerts during attempts to update the firewall. False positives once reported are normally fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

I turned AVG Web protection off to get the Firewall update then turned it back on. Ran a scan with no problems.

I can’t use the Comodo Antivirus on XP because it Fails to initialize. I’m tired of uninstalling/reinstalling/redownloading without success.

awwwwwwwww so thats it , my avg free does the same thing,at least today.
i will try the diable thing "AVG Web protection " to off and try it again,i sent the very same file to avg and they replied back to ,said it was a fulse,

thanks "Rythmist "