Comodo update crashes Windows

I have a friend on whose laptop I installed CIS v4.1.150349.920. All worked fine for quite a while and then he complained that Windows XP was crashing a few minutes after boot. Exasperated, he decided to buy a new laptop but gave me his old one as a gift.

I was busy cleaning all his files off of it with no interent connection and found that it never crashed so I phoned him and told him so. Then, having cleaned the machine completely, I went online. CIS instantly updated its AV defs and Windows crashed.

This PC has Rollback RX installed so I rolled back to the previous image but as soon as it had downloaded the AV updates it did the same thing. I tried this several times always with the same result. If I stay offline there is absolutely no problem. It is just CIS that is causing Windows to crash.

Is anything known about this and is there something I can do to solve it please?

p.s. I’m posting this from my own PC because I cannot go online with the other one.

What is the blue screen telling us? Does it state an error code, error name or file possible causing it?

What other security or network related tools are installed on that computer? What happens if you disable them?

There is no blue screen. The PC just seizes as in nothing moves or responds and the only way to recover is to reboot and restore the previous system image.

There is no network or other network related tools however, the PC is also equipped with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

I assume Malwarebytes is not running in the background?

How old is the laptop and how much memory does it have? The update process uses quite some memory and can stall older computers easily. Can you call task manager during the av update process?

Malwarebytes IS running in the background. Not scanning or updating though.

The laptop is 5 years old running XP SP3. It has only 1 GB of memory so my guess is that this is the problem. That said, it has been running CIS4 for a few months without any issues. I assume the last updated version now uses far more memory and resources.

If I uninstall it and reinstall v3.14.130099.587, will AV definitions continue to be supported? I am using that version on my own machine because v4 makes it crash (mine is 2 years old and runs Vista 32bit with 3 GB of RAM).

Sorry CIS V3.14 support for AV Database finish on 1st November.


Well v4 doesn’t work with my machine, nor my wife’s and hers is new running Windows 7.
Looks like I’m being forced to change my security suite to another brand. :cry:

Not sure what is going on but I would suggest to do a clean install. Uninstall CIS reboot, run this clean up tool. Then try again.

Hope that does the trick for you.

Actually, after my last post I began reading other peoples’ problems here and became aware that v5 had been released. I then uninstalled v3, rebooted, installed v5, rebooted, experienced hell, but then all was working. Did the same with my wife’s machine. Went through the same hell, but in the end all was working again.

So, what is this hell I’m talking about?

After installing and rebooting, CIS displays multiple windows requiring you to authorize or block the processes being launched however, it also clobbers the cursor making it almost impossible to do anything. Fortunately, with plenty of touchpad movement and a lot of patience, you can see icons being highlighted and eventually get to the authorize buttons. Finally, the cursor will be restored.

I know nothing about programming so I don’t know if this would be possible but I think that CIS needs to have some kind of database of all the touchpad drivers so that it doesn’t block the cursor. After all, I have never had this happen with any other security suite. Incidentally, v4 did the same thing.

Did you have your internet access when the installer was running?

Reason for asking is that the installer will look at the files that are active and does a cloud look up for them to smooth the first boot.

Moderator Mouse1 made a tutorial about installing v5; Installation & initial configuration the hassle-free way (CIS 5.x) .

Internet access was active so that AV defs could be downloaded.
Thanks for the tip concerning the hassle-free way of installing even if it comes a bit late. :wink:

I know it comes too late for you. But I decided to add for other users.

Did you have “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” enabled? That’s known to wreak havoc; its only meant for the situation when suspecting one is infected.

I wouldn’t know Eric. I just let the program do its default install. As far as I remember, I was offered no options other than to use Comodo’s servers or not.

When you didn’t chance the defaults then the mentioned setting was disabled.

I was not given the chance to change the default settings because during install, a window with some kind of option flashes on screen for a maximum of 2 seconds and as soon as you attempt to read what it says it instantly disappears and the installation continues.

This in itself would seem to be a bug in the installer because nobody can do anything but the default install.